Between You and Me

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Between You and Me


Life is often punctuated by grief, loss and despair and our art is shaped by it. The stories we tell are not only ways to communicate our experiences but a tool to help us understand them ourselves. And in doing so we hope to use a specific story to get to universal truths that readers can relate to. And that’s what Between You and Me is “about.”

It’s a collection of stories about the scars that never heal, about our constant chase for things that always seem just out of reach, about our need to fill up the emptiness we all—at times—feel and about our quest to find love. The stories are about the end of the world, a mistaken identity, a strange detour in a mysterious village hiding a secret, the toll of chasing our dreams, and the brief fading magic of youth, among others.

They all touch on the themes of life, loss, love, and death but they’re ultimately about finding a silver lining in these moments and making sense of uncertainty. And more importantly, they serve as a reminder that beyond the moments of despair, there is always hope if we hold on long enough to see it.

Each story is self-contained and they were all originally self-published in single magazine form. Additionally, there are also four short stories that I contributed to a comic book anthology called Emanata.

Graphic Novel
Black & White
Page Count: 170


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