The Art and Musings of Felix Quinonez Jr.

Just a day in the life...

Just a day in the life...

Born in Paraguay and raised on Long Island, in 2007 Felix moved to NYC to attend Hunter College. There, he studied journalism and art. Since graduating in 2010, he has also studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts. 

His self-published comic books and graphic novel have been sold in stores in NYC and online. His writing has been published in the Hunts Point Express, My Culture Magazine, USA Today, and various online publications. He has covered local politics, movies and art.

He is the co-editor and contributor of a comic book Anthology called Emanata. That book features the work of many other talented creators from all around the country. Felix also does story board art and freelance illustration.

When not reading or making comics, Felix enjoys watching movies and listening to music. He enjoys Indie Rock and Hip Hop. (Especially of the 90s variety.) He lives in Brooklyn and loves cats and dogs.